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      Artist News

      Des créations d'intentions!

      Creations of intentions!

      Danielle Poirier is first and foremost a Reiki Master and a great fan of lithotherapy. Through lifelong experiences and coming back to basics, her need to express her diverse energies has only grown. Passionate about the field of well-being, it is through her creativity that she channels her energies and transmits them to others.

      In a collection of jewels adorned with stones with multiple benefits, the craftswoman shares her creations of intentions under the theme of zenitude. Wishing to share with others the experiences and spiritual discoveries she has gone through, Danielle Poirier offers a part of her story, harmonized with the benefits of lithotherapy and her talent in jewelry.

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      Collection Et Si... - Jewelry with natural stone intention

      Un bonheur façonné depuis l’enfance!

      Happiness shaped since childhood!

      Mélissa Ykema and Bruno Diab are inspired by the maintenance of health, their own, that of our planet and that of all the forms of life that surround us. All their products are prepared by hand, with essential oils and botanical dyes, sourced exclusively from local natural raw materials.

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      Des dessins originaux et inspirants

      Original and inspiring designs

      Mélanie Girard is first a flight attendant and also a mother of a 16-month-old girl named Allie. Having started drawing in 2007, her passion picked up again in 2020. Moreover, since September, Mélanie has been drawing around 3 times a day!

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      Des P'tits Bonheurs pour tous

      Little Happiness for all

      Sara Macaluso has been a qualified beautician since 1996. Working first in a salon, her pain in her arms and hands led her to look for a way to retrain. It was about 3 years before the closure of her salon that she became interested in the manufacture of natural cosmetics.

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      Le nœud papillon en bois fait à la main de Créations Yarox

      The handmade wooden bow tie by Créations Yarox

      Since 2012, Yarox has been a Father-Son family business in which François and Yannick Laplante practice artisanal cabinetmaking with talent, ethics and innovation!

      It is through the design of the wooden bow ties that Yarox stood out in the eyes of all. Its unique shape is reminiscent of a real bow tie. Stylish and durable, it's the perfect accessory to complete your look! Available in several exotic wood species, its maintenance is simple and the product is guaranteed for life by the company.

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