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      Artist News — Artistes

      Des dessins originaux et inspirants

      Original and inspiring designs

      Mélanie Girard is first a flight attendant and also a mother of a 16-month-old girl named Allie. Having started drawing in 2007, her passion picked up again in 2020. Moreover, since September, Mélanie has been drawing around 3 times a day!

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      Nouvellement dans le monde des arts, nous vous présentons l'artiste Karine Néron!

      New to the art world, we present to you the artist Karine Néron!

      Karine Néron is a new painter who draws her inspiration from her environment and her perception of it. She interprets, among other things, evolution, the cycle of life and positivism, on her canvases which she has recently painted. Although art has been in his life since his youth, the fear of failure has long prevented the artist from getting started. Fortunately, Karine Néron recently made the leap into the wonderful world of art and will bring everyone a different approach to the perception of their environment.

      To discover the complete collection, click on the link : Life

      Une artiste de talent travaillant l'encaustique sur bois recyclé

      A talented artist working with encaustic on recycled wood

      France Benoit is an artist working with encaustic on wood. Guided by the discovery of artists dating back to antiquity who created stunning and perfectly preserved pictorial works, the artist draws inspiration from the culture of ancient Greece as well as countless hours spent in the studio mastering different techniques that , in his words, become the DNA of his journey.

      Always respecting the environment, the artist behind France Benoit Art explores and draws inspiration from human nature and what results from it. She develops her respect for the planet by mainly using recycled objects, giving them a second life.

      Finally, France Benoit will in turn share her vision of her environment through vibrant works, managing to captivate us, while being designed with admirable respect for nature.

      To discover the complete collection, click on the link : Encaustic on recycled wood