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      Nut Butter - Refined Pleasures

      Beurre de noix - Les Plaisirs Raffinés

      Through Les Plaisirs Raffinés nut butters, Simon Lapointe lives by his imagination. It is constantly evolving and its creativity is endless. After creating the maple peanut butter, he made several creations. This is how maple cashew butter was born. What a delight! Subsequently, his creativity led him to incorporate chocolate. So he created his pistachio and hazelnut spreads.

      By discovering his products, Simon wants to spread the happiness that these little jars are for him. They are made with love and he wants to make them known throughout Quebec. Everyone deserves to wake up in the morning and be able to open a jar of wonders that will warm their hearts and start their day off right.
      Pistachio butter and white chocolate Pistachio butter and white chocolate
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      Hazelnut butter and dark chocolate Hazelnut butter and dark chocolate
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      Maple Cashew Butter Maple Cashew Butter
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      Maple Peanut Butter Maple Peanut Butter
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