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      So-Local is a local and fair business, merged with the tourism industry to promote the cultural and artistic life of the beautiful regions of our provinces. Our company makes it possible to showcase art for the benefit of artists in complete freedom. The works are presented and sold there with their certificates of authenticity. They are showcased in creative kiosks, delivered as a point of sale in tourist shops.


      So-Local was born in July 2019. A company created from artistic passions and life experiences. Finally, Sonya Thibault, founder of the company, managed to set up a project that brought together the needs of both artists and tourist sites under one roof. The history of human beings from here, transmitted through local creations and shared as memories. What could be more unique and warm than giving someone you love an original and cultural piece created with passion?!


      Our core commitment is to offer tourists and local citizens the possibility of temporarily escaping the traditional consumption of culture.
      To do this, we have made available a platform allowing the distribution of a directory of local creative artists as well as an online store allowing the sale of their works. This provides direct access to tourist shops and the opportunity to stock up on fair trade souvenirs to promote. So-Local is also a place for the expression of popular arts that provides visibility and community support. In addition, you will find the location of the So-Local kiosks which exhibit these works in several shops, parks and tourist attractions.

      OUR TEAM

      Our team is unique in itself. From simplicity to depth, all members are endowed with one dominant quality; authenticity.
      Team spirit is felt through the synergy of collaboration combining their respective values ​​and strengths.
      Our common interest is to propose concrete solutions for the preservation of local art and culture.
      Our priority is to respect everyone's rights and copyrights.
      We put our hearts into it for those who are open to receiving it.