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      Karine Néron

      Karine Néron is a young painter who draws inspiration from her environment and her perception of it. She interprets the evolution, the cycle of life and positivism, on her paintings, which she has painted for a few months. Although art has been in his life since his youth, fear of failure has long prevented the artist from starting. Fortunately, Karine Néron has made the leap into the wonderful world of art and will bring to all a different approach to the perception of her environment.


      France Benoit

      France Benoit is an artist working on wood encaustic. Guided by the discovery of artists dating from Antiquity who created astonishing and perfectly preserved pictorial works, the artist draws inspiration from the culture of ancient Greece as well as countless hours spent in the workshop to master different techniques which, in his words, become the DNA of his journey. Always respecting the environment, the artist behind France Benoit Art explores and draws inspiration from the human nature and the resulting human nature. It develops its respect for the planet using mainly recycled objects giving them a second life. Finally, France Benoit will in turn share his vision of his environment through vibrating works, able to captivate us, while being conceived in a respect of the admirable nature.


      Monique Boudreau

      Monique Boudreau is a painter greatly inspired by the analysis of human diversity and torments as well as environmental problems. She joins these two entities in equally inspiring works. Although art has always been a passion, it's the " Statement of Excellence " By jury of the Césure international competition, in 2016, who gave him the wind in the sails. Since then, she says she has accumulated a large number of exhibitions, and it is with great honour that many of her works are now at the HangArt gallery in Montreal. Monique Boudreau will certainly take a different and fascinating look at the interpretation of the human and her environment to the one who will look at his works.


      Michèle Andrée Lemieux

      A painter who promotes a particular link between painting and jazz. Indeed, She says she is a musician in the soul, her instrument being a brush, the notes being her colors and the canvas, her studio. It is easy to notice an exciting flame between her and her art. Besides, this is what she reproduces on her canvases where we see musicians at work. Michèle Andrée Lemieux Thus offers jazz passion pieces to share to people from all its music on canvas!



      Johanne Cullen

      It offers us A Collection of small canvases Of animals In the style of the comic books. She first made these works for the pleasure and then a friend advised her to share her collection Because the paintings offer a smile to the lips. The basic idea of the collection comes from the fact that we all have animaPreferred which can represent us. By personification With human names, Johanne Cullen gives her paintings a touch of humoUr and humanity That it shares with people of Any place!



      Rosalie Pelletier

      A jewelry craftsman who confectionizes multiple handcrafted jewels. Travelling to Central America and South America, she discovered a passion for artisanal jewellery. In his works there is therefore an aesthetic and a South American jewelry technique acquired during various meetings with local artisans. In 2019, Rosalie Pelletier was trained at the UNAM Faculty of Art and Design, in Mexico, where she integrated fine jewellery techniques into her creations. Today, she specializes in the manufacture of unique silver and brass pieces, which she confuses wherever she is in her walking shop!



      Brigitte Cloutier

      Brigitte Cloutier, a traditional herbalist and a manufacturer of health products. She has a close relationship with plants, flowers and Mother Nature who have a passion for her passion. She sends us this passion through her company, Alice's Fields.

      For Brigitte, respect for the nature and availability of the seasons is paramount. This is why it tells us that some products will not always be available " Since the time schedule, some plants will not yet have given their full therapeutic power. "

      This traditional herbalist and manufacturer of sanity products will take care of visitors from all over the world by sharing the beauty and comfort that nature can provide in Quebec!



      Manon Marchand

      Manon Marchand is a painter, but also a woman passionate about hiking, who offers us a collection full of emotions, wisdom and adventures highlighting paintings depicting the landscapes observed during the journeys of this one.

      In her studio, she asserts that, using her vision as a painter, she transforms the mountains into an objective to be achieved. In addition, Manon Marchand favours the knife to paint the rocky landforms of the mountains to express the elements of the earth in harmony between movement and matter.

      In short, Ms. Marchand's goal is to share the well-being of hiking, the majestic landscapes of here and her vision as an artist. She will travel the happiness that she feels to others by the most beautiful expression of her art!

      Judith Grégoire is a reusable bag manufacturer and founder of the Toile & Coton Workshop! Working primarily in the terracing and the pavement, the winter season is long, so it was in this period that everything began. Indeed, it was during a winter when Judith furnished the time of her passions to painting and sewing that she began to question what she could do more for her family but also for the environment. It was later that his daughter introduced him to the idea of reusable bags! In a short time, the company was on its feet! Judith Grégoire offers us an ecological and indispensable solution to our daily lives as well as to the house with its various reusable bags!


      Dominique Gagnon, creator of his boutique Terre du lynx. In accordance with and in harmony with the materials used, it presents us a collection of interior decoration created from fur and recycled leather.

      For this artist, the work of the fur gives the impression of painting a painting with textures thanks to the particularity that it has to be both material and color. She sees this as an opportunity to make unique useful or decorative pieces.

      She shared a few words about her process: " When designing and designing a new work, I am immering myself in the personality of the materials and of my immediate environment, and I maintain this state of openness until the complete realization of the work. "

      Finally, Dominique Gagnon will share his passion for the people of all places, but also, she will allow his materials to enjoy a second breath worthy of this name and of a new value through his authentic creations!


      Frédéric Tessier is a versatile artist working on acrylic, also known as the artist Fred Voss Art. Growing up in a family of painters on the maternal side, his passion for art has always been an important pillar in his life.

      In spite of his drawing and painting debut at a very young age, Frédéric Tessier first turned to music. In the last 25 years, he has been a professional drummer, graphic designer, company consultant and winner of several entrepreneurial awards.

      But his passion for art came to a great deal in 2020, when he sold a painting for the first time. His words are particularly eloquent: I've always been passionate about art, always! The passion for creating canvas was simply on an old dusty shelf. After giving him a good shot of Windex, the tablet is shining more than ever!"