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      Danielle Poirier

      Danielle Poirier is first and foremost a Reiki Master and a great fan of lithotherapy. Through lifelong experiences and coming back to basics, her need to express her diverse energies has only grown. Passionate about the field of well-being, it is through her creativity that she channels her energies and transmits them to others.

      In a collection of jewels adorned with stones with multiple benefits, the craftswoman shares her intentional creations under the theme of zenitude. Wishing to share with others the experiences and spiritual discoveries she has gone through, Danielle Poirier offers a part of her story, harmonized with the benefits of lithotherapy and her talent in jewelry.

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      Mélissa Ykema and Bruno Diab

      Mélissa Ykema and Bruno Diab are inspired by the maintenance of health, theirs, that of our planet and that of all the forms of life that surround us. All their products are prepared by hand, with essential oils and botanical dyes, sourced exclusively from local natural raw materials.

      The company may still be young, but it is mature in knowledge, education and experience. Through this, they create a line of 100% natural products that are safe for you, your loved ones and the earth that provides us with these riches.

      Promoting not only a natural finished product and rich in ingredients, but also to make people aware of the ingredients that go into these products, the “why”, if you will.

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      Melanie Girard

      Mélanie Girard is first a flight attendant and also the mother of a 16-month-old girl named Allie. Having started drawing in 2007, her passion picked up again in 2020. Moreover, since September, Mélanie has been drawing around 3 times a day!

      In order to express her emotions and her various perspectives on life, her dreams or even certain bubbles that pass her, Mélanie puts her vulnerability and her thoughts on paper.

      Through the use of acrylic pencils, lead and ink, she shares her passion and talent with everyone. You have probably already seen some of his works, such as the icons on our site and the labels for the holiday themed boxes available since mid-December!

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      Sara Macaluso

      Sara Macaluso has been a qualified beautician since 1996. Working first in a salon, her pain in her arms and hands led her to seek a way to retrain. It was about 3 years before the closure of her salon that she became interested in the manufacture of natural cosmetics.

      Over time, Sara Macaluso noticed a lack in tourism. This is what encouraged him to launch a range in harmony with nature and ecological responsibility through his company La Fabrique De P'tits Bonheurs.

      By combining its environmental values ​​with tourist demand, its vegan, cruelty-free, 100% natural and biodegradable Un P'tit Bonheur range was born. A body soap, a whipped body butter and a soy candle with typical Quebec flavors (maple syrup, cranberry or blueberry) will please everyone.

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      Yannick and Francois Laplante

      Since 2012, Yarox has been a Father-Son family business in which François and Yannick Laplante practice artisanal cabinetmaking with talent, ethics and innovation!

      It is through the design of the wooden bow ties that Yarox stood out in the eyes of all. Its unique shape is reminiscent of a real bow tie. Stylish and durable, it's the perfect accessory to complete your look! Available in several exotic wood species, its maintenance is simple and the product is guaranteed for life by the company.

      First associated with the Ironman of Mont-Tremblant for the design of the trophy, among other things, they have developed their business over the years and have partnered with other diversified brands such as C2 Montreal, Burton, Red Bull, Molson or Simple Plan. Their presence in the tourism sector is therefore complementary and will provide everyone with chic, high-end and innovative bow ties!

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      Maude Girard and Gabrielle Huppé

      Maude Girard is one of the two co-founders behind the eco-responsible company Next Chance. Faced with the polluting gift wraps currently on the market and following in-depth research, they worked on a concept that keeps the magic of "unwrapping gifts" and one thing is certain, the cabbage was to be the superstar! From there was born the Vice-VersaKIT, an original set of eco-responsible gift wrapping!

      The Vice-VersaKIT including a Base, a Headband and a Cabbage is inspired by a Japanese folding technique, the furoshiki, then designed from recovered fabrics through a circular economy initiative to offer an ecological and reusable to traditional gift wrap.

      Next Chance is also very proud to contribute to one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. That's already 5,500 pounds of fabrics and 700 disposable packaging saved in 2020!

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      Andrée-Ann Plante

      Andrée-Ann Plante, from her company Les Soaps Naturels, is a very creative and passionate craftswoman and entrepreneur. Like many, over time, Andrée-Ann has put aside her creative passions for her already busy daily life. It was when she came across videos of handmade soaps that a flame was reignited, bringing her to the world of natural and artisanal soap making.

      In order to make it her job and live from her passion, the craftswoman focuses her talent on making natural, moisturizing and minimalist soaps. By choosing ingredients that nature gives us and then using reused and recyclable packaging. Andrée-Ann Plante shares with everyone the simplicity, the quality and the virtues of mother-nature as well as a natural alternative to cleanse your skin.

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      Sonia Houle

      Sonia Houle is, first and foremost, a chartered accountant. However, painting allows him to define the ideal balance between his rational side and his artistic and then emotional side. The artist has been painting since he was 16, but family life and work were obviously priorities for a large part of his life.

      It was about 3 years ago that Sonia Houle started painting again, letting emotion guide her works and thus developing a great sense of pride. It was a feeling that created a new goal for life for the artist; share her paintings with people who are just as passionate as her and who will see in them a source of happiness and reflection.

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      Roxane Côté

      Roxane Côté has been a pastry chef for 8 years. Having first studied at the Calixa Lavallée school in 2013, she then turned to the field of management where she acquired 7 years of experience. Combining passions and experiences in 1 project, her Decadent Brownies shop opened 1 year ago!

      It is in a luxurious and gourmet concept that Decadent Brownies offers sets of nuts available in bags. Being one of her main values, respect for the environment has led the experienced pastry chef to turn to eco-responsible packaging, offering her customers a perfect alternative to fight against the use of standard and polluting packaging. .

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      Louise Michardiere

      Working first in the textile industry, Louise Michardière's development in this environment distanced her from her ideologies. At the same time, she was taking her first steps in the world of zero waste when she fell in love with the planet and its protection.

      Vibrant through the creation of products for her house, the expansion of her knowledge and the creative process, the craftswoman then chose to move towards the world of Cosmetics, doing so thanks to his shop Lunage.

      To date, Louise Michardière has received training in the professional manufacture of body products, training in herbalism and knowledge that continues to accumulate. This is how she offers natural and high quality body products that resonate with the Earth and your body.

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      Anne-Marie Lacombe

      Anne-Marie Lacombe is a manufacturer of colourful, daring and unique handcrafted jewellery. This is also how she describes the beauty of being a woman, perfectly translated in her slogan "I am unique and I like it". Being reserved by nature, art has always been a good way to express one's personality. As far back as she can remember, different art forms have always interested her. Jewellery, however, stood out for Anne-Marie, that's what she wanted to do with her career!

      First an accounting clerk, it was in 2019, when she became a stay-at-home mom, that her dream of becoming a jewelry designer came true. With the support of those around her, she created Mézig Créations. This is how, with her years of experience, her attention to detail and a head full of ideas, Anne-Marie Lacombe introduces everyone to her quality jewellery.

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      Jacques Sarrazin and Mario Raymond

      Jacques Sarrazin and Mario Raymond are business partners but also life partners! Following their desire to contribute to leaving a "less ugly" planet for future generations, it was in search of a healthier life that respects our planet's resources that they created La Remake Textile.

      Together, Jacques and Mario make practical, quality products using recycled materials such as clothing, curtains and blankets.Thus, their creations reduce the negative impacts of the textile industry and are suitable for all styles, especially yours!

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      Miriam Lessard

      Miriam Lessard is above all the mother of two boys, soon to be three! Her need to design new things for her children as well as the lack of choice in stores encouraged this one, using a "Brainstorming" with her husband, to set up her company MNCH C'est d' elsewhere with pride that she designs the sweaters herself in her workshop in Quebec!

      MNCH clothing is designed under the concept and slogan "Style your sleeves". In other words, the sweaters are customizable in several patterns, sleeve lengths, colors for the torso and sizes for children and adults depending on the model!

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      François-Olivier McDuff, Heidi Larkin and Vincent Blouin

      François-Olivier Mc Duff, Heidi Larkin and Vincent Blouin are the three main managers of Vinaigrerie artisanal Mc Duff, the agri-food division of Raspberry Scientific Inc. It was created with the aim of supporting the development of a powerful medical diagnosis to better detect Lyme disease. Thus, all profits from Mc Duff Brown Sugar Vinegar sales are reinvested for the well-being of all!

      Available in 4 flavors (Original, Sweet, Honey and Maple) and in tasting format, the products are certified "Prepared Foods in Quebec". Made from pure water and fair trade raw cane sugar from the Peruvian Andes, Mc Duff brown sugar vinegar will enhance your grilled meats, salads, stir-fries with its aromas of roasted golden caramel. Slowly fermented in the traditional way on a bed of beech wood, it is neither filtered nor pasteurized and thus retains all the probiotic goodness of its rich vinegar mother.

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      Guyanne Cyr-Aspirot

      Born creative and passionate about art but also realistic and attentive to needs, Guyanne Cyr-Aspirot first chose the profession of nurse. In the midst of a pandemic and in maternity, she took the time to realize what was most important to her and which was lacking in her vocation; creation. The craftswoman therefore decided to choose herself, realizing that life is too short to miss out on our passion! From there appeared his wonderful company Dentelle Décor.

      Inspired by creativity, she first put together a range of decorative country soy candles with bewitching scents. Subsequently, it decided to expand its product line to include various decorative items customizable so that each customer can perfectly match the accessories according to their tastes and the desired atmosphere. In particular, she uses wood and Masson pots as basic elements in her creations.

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      Claudine Chevalier

      Claudine Chevalier is inhabited by creativity and the desire to live from these passions.She has always enjoyed creating articles of all kinds and it is thanks to the motivation of those around her that she finally launched herself into the world of entrepreneurship through her company RafÉly, named after the first name of his nieces Rafaëlle and Élyssa!

      The RafÉly company offers various useful everyday products such as cups, bath mitts and hair accessories Designed in Quebec and useful in various facets of everyday life, Claudine Chevalier's products will charm you!

      Karine Néron

      Karine Néron is a young painter who draws her inspiration from her environment and her perception of it. She interprets, among other things, evolution, the cycle of life and positivism, on her canvases that she has been painting for a few months. Although art has been in his life since his youth, the fear of failure has long prevented the artist from getting started. Fortunately, Karine Néron has made the leap into the wonderful world of art and will bring everyone a different approach to the perception of their environment.

      France Benoit

      France Benoit is an artist working with encaustic on wood. Guided by the discovery of artists dating back to antiquity who created stunning and perfectly preserved pictorial works, the artist draws inspiration from the culture of ancient Greece as well as countless hours spent in the studio mastering different techniques that , in his words, become the DNA of his journey. Always respecting the environment, the artist behind France Benoit Art explores and draws inspiration from human nature and what results from it. She develops her respect for the planet by mainly using recycled objects, thus giving them a second life. Finally, France Benoit will in turn share her vision of her environment through vibrant works, managing to captivate us, while being designed with admirable respect for nature.

      Monique Boudreau

      Monique Boudreau is a painter greatly inspired by the analysis of human diversity and torments as well as environmental problems. She joins these two entities in equally inspiring works. Although art has always been a passion, it was the "Mention D'Excellence" by the jury of the international caesura competition in 2016 that gave her the wind in her sails. Since then, she says that she has accumulated a large number of exhibitions and that it is with great honor that many of her works can now be found at the HangArt gallery in Montreal. Monique Boudreau will certainly bring a different and fascinating perspective on the interpretation of humans and their environment to whoever looks at her works.

      Michelle Andrée Lemieux

      A painter who promotes a special link between painting and jazz. Indeed, she claims to be a musician at heart, her instrument being a brush, the notes being her colors and the canvas, her studio. It is easy to notice a passionate flame between her and her art. Moreover, this is what she reproduces on her canvases where we see musicians at work.Michèle Andrée Lemieux thus offers pieces of jazz passion to share her music with people everywhere on canvas!

      Johanne Cullen

      She offers us a collection of small paintings of animals in the style of comic strips She first made these works for pleasure, then a friend recommended that she share his collection because the paintings put a smile on your face. The basic idea of ​​the collection comes from the fact that we all have favorite animals that can represent us. By personifying them with human first names, Johanne Cullen gives her paintings a touch of humorur and humanity that she shares with the people of any place!

      Rosalie Pelletier

      A jeweler who makes multiple artisanal jewels. While traveling in Central America as well as in South America, she discovered a passion for artisanal jewelry. We therefore notice in his works an aesthetic and a South American jewelry technique acquired during various meetings with local artisans. In 2019, Rosalie Pelletier trained at the Faculty of Art and Design at UNAM, Mexico, where she integrated fine jewelry techniques into her creations. She specializes today in the manufacture of unique pieces in silver and brass, which she makes wherever she is in her mobile workshop!

      Brigitte Cloutier

      Brigitte Cloutier, traditional herbalist and manufacturer of health products. She maintains a close link with plants, flowers and Mother Nature, which have fueled her passion since childhood. She transmits this passion to us through her company, Les champs d'Alice.

      For Brigitte, respect for nature and the availability of the seasons is essential. This is why she tells us that certain products will not always be available “since in the calendar of time, certain plants will not have yet given their full therapeutic power. »

      This traditional herbalist and manufacturer of health products will take care of visitors from everywhere by sharing the beauty and comfort that nature can provide in Quebec!

      Manon Marchand

      Manon Marchand is an artist-painter, but also a woman passionate about hiking, who offers us a collection full of emotions, wisdom and adventures highlighting paintings imagining the landscapes observed during the journeys of this one.

      In her studio, she says that using her vision as an artist-painter, she transforms the mountains into a goal to be achieved. In addition, Manon Marchand favors the knife to paint the rocky reliefs of the mountains, allowing the elements of the earth to be expressed in harmony between movement and matter.

      In short, Ms. Marchand's goal is to share the well-being of hiking, the majestic landscapes here and her artistic vision.She will convey the happiness she feels to others through the most beautiful expression of her art!

      Judith Gregoire

      Judith Grégoire is a reusable bag manufacturer and founder of Atelier Toile & Coton! Working mainly in earthwork and paving stones, the winter season is long, so it was during this period that it all began Indeed, it was during a winter when Judith filled the time with her passions for painting and sewing that she began to ask herself what more she could do for her family but also for the environment. It was later that his daughter introduced him to the idea of ​​reusable bags! In no time, the business was up and running! Judith Grégoire offers us an ecological and essential solution to our daily lives both when traveling and at home with her various reusable bags!

      Dominique Gagnon

      Dominique Gagnon, creator of her boutique Terre du lynx. In respect and in harmony with the materials used, she presents a collection of interior decoration created from recycled fur and leather.

      For this artist, working with fur gives the impression of painting a picture with textures thanks to the particularity of being both material and color. She sees this as an opportunity to craft unique useful or decorative pieces.

      She shared a few words with us about her process: "When developing and designing a new work, I immerse myself in the personality of the materials and my immediate environment, and I maintain this state of openness until the complete realization of the work. »

      Finally, Dominique Gagnon will share her passion with people everywhere but also, she will allow her materials to enjoy a second life worthy of the name and a new value through her authentic creations!