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      SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS AND ARTISANS in a few easy steps
      1- To start a most enjoyable experience, we suggest 2 options
      • Artists - Browse our directory and select your favorite local artists and artisans. Their collection link is displayed below their description.
      • Store - Select a category of products to simplify your searches. You can also see all the works by clicking on “products”.
      2- Make your selection and click add to cartor buy now.
      3- Review your cart inventory and click Place your order to proceed with payment and delivery details.
      OFFER LOCAL IN YOUR SHOP in a few easy steps
      Simple, human and fair service
      So-Local recognizes the importance of promoting diversity as well and local talent in the tourism industry.
      Notre web platform allows you, as a tourist shop, to select easily , by region, a assortment suitable to your needs and your customers. This collection will be delivered then installeded at your convenience with a regular monitoringer.
      By choosing So-Local, you also participate in the flourishing of the local economy, which is becoming increasingly more vital.
      1- Click on the Merchant tab and view local artist collections.
      2- Make your selection of 3 boxes for your So-Local display and add them to your basket.
      3- Review your shopping cart inventory and click Place your order to create your purchase order.
      Apply for Merchant Membership